• Hiya!

    We’re Enjoythis, a digital creative studio based in East London. We’ve been making websites and apps since 2008.

    Stay a while, we hope you like what you see.

  • Tailored

    Or you could call it digital tailoring. We create a bespoke proposal for each and every client, paying attention to those little details that matter.

  • Forward

    We’re passionate about digital technology and taking on new creative challenges. If it’s not been done before, we’ll find a way to do it.

  • User-

    We believe in function before form. We follow web standards and best practices to create accessible designs that are intuitive, effective and still gorgeous to look at.

  • Crafted

    Everything is hand-coded and every little detail given attention.
    We’ll go the extra mile to make your product perfect.

  • Small &

    We’re a small but perfectly-formed team, enhanced by an extended family of specialists, who are amongst the best in the industry.

  • Happy

    We’re here to be inspired, have fun and to make clients from all around the world happy.

    We want your project to succeed as much as you do.


We collaborate with some of the best creative agencies from all over the world for global brands. We also love working with smaller clients, start-ups and charities.

  • 55DSL
  • Barclays
  • Cadbury
  • Desigual
  • Diesel
  • We are MacMillan
  • MasterCard
  • Range Rover
  • Selfridges
  • Sony
  • Swiss Post
  • The London Distillery Company
  • T-Mobile
  • Umbro
  • Virgin Unite


Every website is unique but the process is always more or less as follows.

  • 1


    Before we do anything, we like to sit down together and find out more about you. We want you to tell us your story – of your company, your product and your audience. The better we can understand your business, the better our relationship will be and better job we will be able to do. We’ll share our thoughts with you, create a bespoke proposal, and once you are happy (and only then) we’ll move on to the next phase.

  • 2


    We carefully plan each project before any designing or development takes place. Our main focus here is on the user – we have to make sure any designs we come up with are accessible, intuitive and functional. That’s not going to happen if we rush in – so we take our time researching your market, defining the required content, and mapping UX workflows to ensure the best possible experience for your users.

  • 3


    This is where our ideas become visible. We’ll collaborate with you on a number of creative routes, producing content and designing iteratively so that you can see our direction at all times. When necessary we create interactive prototypes to test ideas and possibilities. That way we can ensure we end up with a product that you’re happy with.

  • 4

    Coding & Development

    As our expertise ranges across both design and development, our creative visions are always produced with coding in mind. That means we can delve straight into the hard work of writing the code to make your project work. Like all other parts of our process, we involve you – everything will be outlined for you to sign off before we build anything. We want you to be as happy with the parts of the project you don’t see as with those you do.

  • 5

    Testing & Deploying

    We know how important testing is. We work hard to preempt any issues that might arise, but through our thorough testing process we normally catch them all. At this stage we’ll also work with you to get the site ready for the big launch.

  • 6

    Manage & Grow

    We keep a close relationship with our clients, and we’re proactive in maintaining, improving and marketing your site. The hard work isn’t over, and the story goes on.


Enjoythis are a small, passionate team. We love what we do, and that’s what makes our team special.

We extend to a network of talented specialists, who help us deliver the very best work when a project demands a particular skill.

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    Sofia Lace

    Creative Director & Founder

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    Garry Dalzell


List of services

  • SDKs and APIs

    We can connect and integrate a range of functionalities on your site or application from web services such as Twitter, Instagram, Google Maps, Facebook, etc.

  • Identity and Branding

    We can create an unique identity for your brand or product – from logo design to a full set of stationary or more complex branding guidelines.

  • Project Scoping

    We’ll collaborate with you to create a scope of work document, containing the objectives, deliverables, project team, description of work, costs, timings, change requests and post launch care. We’ll include all technical specifications, content strategy and hosting. When necessary we prototype proof of concept before moving to design and technical implementation.

  • IA, UX and Wireframing

    We’ll help you visualise your ideas as we go through mapping work flows, site maps, user experiences, labels and more.

  • Web & Mobile Development

    We enjoy putting our hard hats on to code websites, mobile applications (Web, iOS or Android) and interactive installations. We use the likes of HTML, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Augmented Reality, openFrameworks, Kinect, C++, OpenGL among others.

  • Illustration & Animation

    We share our beautiful studio with a fantastic group of illustrators and animators and our network extends to talent from all over the world. If a project requires a specific style of illustration or animation, we’ll find the right person for the job. We believe in putting together unique teams for each project, as opposed to traditional agencies that often gather teams based on available resources.

  • CMS implementation

    We’ll use the best CMS to suit your needs, from off-the-shelf products like WordPress and Drupal to bespoke database systems.

  • E-commerce Systems

    We can develop E-commerce websites from simple Paypal set-ups through to complex bespoke systems. We enjoy working with frameworks such as Drupal Commerce and Magento to create beautiful, fully functioning E-commerce websites.

  • Web & Mobile UI Design

    At the core of Enjoythis our passion is about designing user interfaces solutions for smartphones, tablets, desktops and beyond. Design should be both intuitive and gorgeous to look at. We enjoy thinking about the User Experience to deliver design that people find easy to use. Whether you need help designing a website, a multi-device application or an interactive spacial installation, we’ll be happy to assist you.

  • Digital Advertising

    We have years of experience in producing all forms of Digital Advertising, from Email Marketing to Rich Media Flash Campaigns through to Digital out of Home, we know our GIFs from our Expandable Banners. We design, build, test and deliver HTML and Text newsletters using online tools such as Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor.

  • Quality Assurance & Testing

    We’ll test your site to match pre-agreed criteria, device and browser specs. Our sites are always tested before they go live, and are subject to serious checks and assessment.

  • Content Production

    We have a network of friends who are amongst the best in the industry, so if you require a video shoot, photography, illustration, video editing, sound design, copywriting, etc., we have it covered.